I am a potter and social artist inspired by people – our food, traditions, and place. My goal is to have my work serve a purpose beyond its utilitarian function by designing it for who and how it will be used. My aesthetic is inspired by the two and a half years I lived in Guatemala and evolves with the people I meet and places I go. I currently live in Minnesota making, writing, teaching, collaborating, and always learning.

Happening Now: Project Canary

Craft has been telling stories since the beginning of humanity. Project Canary uses craft as the vehicle to spread stories of injustice – racial, gender, immigration status, reproductive justice, religious, and other human injustices. The goal is to empower those whose voice is often unheard, making politics real. Project Canary honors the experience above the rhetoric by connecting people to each other through their individual untold stories.

Collaboration with Nicole Gugliotti.
In conjunction with the Socially Engaged Craft Collective and National Clay Week.

Participate by:
1. Share your story
2. Create objects
3. Organize a community work day

Demonstration DVD produced by Ceramic Arts Daily

I demonstrate how to pattern slabs of clay and dart them to create unique forms.
Run time: 2 hours 20 minutes. Watch Excerpted clip.

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Select work is available for purchase on Etsy. I'm also available for commissions.  Contact me with questions and to learn more.

News and Upcoming Events

Lauren Karle Ceramics is moving!
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